Specialized Services

Pest Control
We are providing Terminate control and general pest control services for plant, office campus and building with guaranteed, using standard quality and government approved pesticides. It will be done according to the client's needs. Periodic pesticide control is also done by us.
  Design Pest Control Schedules
  Plan Control Strategies
  Latest Equipment & Technology
  Disposal & Removal
  Use of Environment Friendly Chemicals
Statutory Compliances
  We cover all contractual staff under ESIC, Provident Fund, Minimum Wages & all Related act as per State & Central Govt.
  Computerized Pay rolling with exemption of State & Central Govt.
  Submission of all Statutory document along with the Invoices on monthly basis.
  Inspection under ESIC, Provident Fund, Labour Contract & all related act.
  Maintaining record of Bonus & Leave with Wages as per Act.
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Pest Control
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