Specialized Services

Landscaping & Gardening
We develop and maintain the Garden, lawns and also create beautiful landscaping with the help of our experienced gardeners under the control of our Horticulturist having the sound knowledge in the field of Horticulture.

Necessary activities like Regular Watering, weeding, mowing ,Top dressing, pruning of the plants are done by us. Periodical spraying of pesticides and fungicides and fertilizers will be our responsibility.
  Maintenance of Gardens & Plantations
  Flower Arrangements
  Plantations & Landscaping
Hard Landscaping – Landscaping at places like Footpaths, Road Surfaces, Courtyard Paving, Steps to Entrances, Car Parking Areas, Edgings and Pre-formed Channels, Fencing, Gates and Boundaries will be maintained by us.
Soft Landscaping - Grassed Areas, Horticultural Works, Office Plants and Flowers, Cut Flowers are also our responsibilities.
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