Soft Services

Guest House Management
We supply all the services required for the Guest House Management like maintaining the record of room status, bookings, room service, visitor register, linen & laundry stock, asset register, security systems, implement the rules & regulations as per company policy.

These services are performed by highly schooled and proficient professionals to ensure quality and customers' satisfaction.
  Providing 24/7 Quality & Steady Service
  Looking After the Guest Relations
  Arrangements for Food Services
  Professional & Trained Staff
  Maintenance of Housekeeping Services (including Laundry Services, Garden & Lawn Maintenance - Hard & Soft landscaping , Pest Control )
  Occupancy Management
  Providing required personnel like Caretaker, Cook, Steward, House Keeping Technical labor, Gardener etc.
Consumables & Equipments Managements
Savali Management provides the services with all branded companies consumables and equipments. These consumables and equipments are chosen according to the suitability and requirement of the services provided to customers. The choice of the equipments and consumables may change also according to the customer’s needs and priorities.
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