Electro Mechanics Services

Corrective Management

This is used to correct the existing set-up if it does not come to par with the requirements of a company. Moreover, if there are any electro-mechanical faults, we have the proven knowledge to correct them.

  Breakdown Maintenance
  Operations & Maintenance of all installations
  D G operations & Maintenance
  Providing Substation operator
  General Electrical Maintenance
  Hydrants/Pneumatic Pump operators
  HVAC operations & Maintenance
  Lift operations & Maintenance
  24/7 Support from our technical team
  Implementation of EHS policy(Environment, Health & Safety Policy)
Fire detections & Suppression
We provide all Fire Safety Management. Our expert Fire Officers will take all the required precautions to prevent any occurrence of such events. All the necessary fire preventive gadgets will be provided by us to our customers. These gadgets will be maintained by Savali Management as per standard norms.
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